Healthcare EcoSystem


Health Plan Strategies

A well rounded health plan strategy is imperative to sustainability.  DBP helps your organization focus on the components that make up your healthcare ecosystem.

  • Plan utilization and Sustainability
  • Hospital and Physician contracting
  • Accountable Care Solutions
  • Direct Contracting
  • Shared Savings Analysis
  • Cost Containment Fees
  • Value Based or Reference Based Pricing
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Plan Utilization & Sustainability

Are you regularly reviewing the utilization of your plan?  DBP will evaluate plan performance based not only on financial risk but member behavior.  We can analyze plan metrics to provide actionable member strategy and develop meaningful plan designs to meet the unique needs of your organization.

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Hospital & Physician Contracting

Network contracting plays a significant part in the performance of your plan.  Deeper network discounts and a broad physician footprint ensures your employees have the access to care they need.  We will analyze both network performance and access to ensure you plan’s performance is supported.

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Accountable Care Solutions

Accountable Care Solutions (organizations) are the next genesis of the healthcare ecosystem.  With a move away from fee for service, to paying for the performance and outcomes of patients, we are able to drive better population health management.  DBP will vet and analyze various accountable care health systems to ensure you have the benefit offering that meets your employees geographic and demographic needs.

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Shared Savings Analysis

DBP’s self-funded customers are provided a detailed analysis of carrier cost savings mechanisms.  We ensure that our customers are receiving the most competitive carrier contracts and financial arrangements…Delivering Transparency

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Value or Reference Based Pricing

In addition to a deep dive comparison of plan benefits, and cost, DBP will also ensure you are provided alternative models of care such as Value Based Pricing.

A system of setting the cost for a healthcare service in which healthcare providers are paid based on the quality of care they provide rather than the number of healthcare services they give or the number of patients they treat. Value-based pricing may give patients access to better treatments for lower costs.

What Creates Health?
How can health care engage?

Pharmacy Strategy

Pharmacy benefits continue to get more and more costly and confusing as newer, high cost medications are released to the market daily.  Employers are faced with complex challenges to provide pharmacy benefits that provide comprehensive coverage while managing costs.  Exploring options that mitigate medication waste, encourage medication adherence and provide robust clinical programs for the chronically ill becomes more difficult every day.

Our Pharmacy Strategy allows us to help your organization solve complex pharmacy challenges.  A multi-faceted approach will focus, not only on clinical programs and cost structure, but also on member experience, digital tools, alternate funding solutions and data analysis to help drive the most appropriate offering for your employees and organization.

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Pricing & Purchasing


Customer Service

Ancillary Analysis

We understand that many companies are hyper-focused on medical plan strategy and cost containment.  However, we strongly believe that a full suite of comprehensive benefits coverage not only -supports your business retention and growth, it also creates an environment were total well-being is encouraged.

DBP will review your full benefit package to ensure that your offering fits the needs of your organization and the people that serve you.  From executive plans, to voluntary worksite benefits, we annually evaluate your offering to ensure you stay nimble in this competitive job market.

Our analysis includes a review of:




Work-site Benefits

Executive Benefits

Funding Accounts



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Work-site Benefits

Executive Benefits

Funding Accounts

Cobra Services

Doctor’s Desk

Our Medical Director provides the following services to our clients:

  • Employee Health Advocacy for complex health conditions
  • Elevated assessment of chronic disease conditions for your population
  • Medical utilization review and ongoing claims analysis
  • Independent medical director evaluation and prognosis of advanced medical claims

Population Health Management

  • Population-based health addresses social determinants and factors for health outcomes within a community.
  • Understanding the economic and social conditions that influence individual and group differences in health status.
  • Conditions in the places where people live, learn, work, play and worship affect a wide range of health risks and outcomes.
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Long Term Sustainability

Health and well-being develop over a lifetime.

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Drivers of Health

Social determinants drive health and well-being outcomes throughout the course of life.

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Demographic shifts

The health system needs to address the key demographic shifts of our time.

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Innovative Models

The health system can embrace innovative financial models and deploy existing assets for greater value.

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Partnership in Care

Health creation requires partnership because healthcare only holds a part of the puzzle.

What Creates Health?
How can health care engage?