Communication and Education

Core Disciplines

Communication and Education


DBP believes in the full spectrum of communication tools driving employees and associates to a higher understanding of benefit knowledge and well-being.  We make available a myriad of communication formats including but not limited to;

  • personalized video production
  • custom benefit guides and e-magazines
  • mailers & postcards
  • texting platform
  • outbound/inbound licensed education counselors
  • voice over presentations
  • educational webinars

We are well-staffed with bi-lingual associates to meet the needs of your diverse population.

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Employee Education and Advocacy

We act as an advocate for employees in claim resolution, provider access and billing disputes.

Our enrollment education center, Your Benefit Connection (YBC), supports your on-boarding process for both open enrollment and perpetual education of newly hired employees. DBP assists your employees when they are faced with complex medical situations in a very confusing healthcare landscape.  Our benefit educators take a more personal, concierge level approach to your open enrollment, to help further educate employees on benefits, communicate company goals and well-being programs.

Hear what our clients are saying about DBP’s Your Benefit Connection:

HR Director-‘Employees are feeling very empowered and enlightened by the personalized education they received by your Benefit Educators!!!’

CFO-‘My enrollment session went very well- the Benefits Educator was professional, well-informed, and helpful.’

Employees-‘I was able to clearly understand the various options and make an informed decision. It was a painless process and left me feeling confident…’


Employer Concierge Services

Our benefit administration platforms provide plan selector technology, electronic delivery of eligibility files, tracking of regulatory requirements and access to all employee insurance documents and SPD’s.  DBP regularly;

  • provides real-time reporting of enrollment analytics, from missing EOI’s to open enrollment completion reporting
  • offers management and execution of annual onboarding/enrollment via web, telephonic, in-person and through bilingual experts
  • provides annual employee education strategies via multi-faceted, targeted communication campaigns that include customized client-specific videos, DBP Connect texting software, and benefit guides (digital and printed).
  • acts as liaison to the HR department by working directly with vendors to set up and implement plans to ensure smooth billing and eligibility matters, claim processing, claim payment structure and rules.