Risk Management

Core Disciplines

Risk Management


DBP is uniquely positioned with Actuaries and Underwriters to analyze current and future risk.  While we use the term “Data Geeks”, we passionately believe the current and historical performance data aid in developing the ingredients of healthcare strategies today and tomorrow.  Analytics include: Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Reports.

In addition, DBP utilizes real time data mining to allow us to address risk quickly and efficiently via proactive strategy, communication opportunities and clinical engagement opportunities.

How agile is your strategy?


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Transparency & Sustainability

Every organization has a responsibility to understand all aspects of their healthcare spend and not rely on their insurance carrier to report performance.  DBP provides an independent validation of all aspects of your healthcare spend, including the following:

  • true net loss ratios
  • funding evaluations
  • unit cost of healthcare
  • discount analysis
  • reinsurance evaluations
  • total pharmacy management
  • clinical intervention
  • disease management
  • high performing networks
  • shared savings analysis
  • capitation fees
  • gap in care

Through benchmarking we identify financial trends to better service plans. Our DBP Benefits Team will evaluate and compare your current service plans, business processes, and performance metrics to industry best practices to ensure you are operating with the optimal benefit plan to meet your needs.

Healthcare Reporting & Analytics

Our value proposition puts a premium on cost savings and process design. At DBP Benefits, we provide an audit trail for premium payments, and consistently monitor the implementation, growth and competitiveness of your benefits plans.

Does your organization need loss exposure analysis and medical utilization reporting?

The DBP Benefits Team will provide you with the ultimate transparent solution. We will:

  • Appraise the value of your service providers
  • Identify and monitor case management of your catastrophic claims
  • Assess your network access and contracted discounts with physicians and facilities
  • Provide medical service category utilization data
  • Evaluate your chronic disease cost and containment measures
  • Formulate your employee contribution strategies and forecast the overall impact to your budget
  • Administer your monthly claim experience reporting, develop annual exposure accruals, IBNR analysis and five year actuarial projections.